Tenant Screening Solutions for Real Estate Agents

Two Solutions - Both 100% FREE for Agents

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When working with renters, save yourself the trouble and headaches of lost deals. Screen renters upfront for free. Regardless of which solution you choose, you'll have a better understanding of what your clients qualify for and how you can best help them find a home.
ACUTRAQ Background Screening

Two Solutions - Both Free for Agents

Solution 1
FREE for Everyone

Applicants provide information regarding their:
  • Current address
  • Employment status
  • Monthly income
  • Credit status
  • Pets situation
  • and more
Solution 2   (recommended)
FREE for Agents
  (applicant pays)

Available reports include:
  • Full rental application
  • Credit report with score
  • Multi-state criminal report
  • Multi-state evictions report
  • Sex offender report
  • Landlord verification
  • Employment verification
  • Paid for by the applicant
  • and more
ACUTRAQ Background Screening
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